Flawlessly Fit ​Desserts

Catering Co. 

Policies & Procedures

Hi Everyone!

Here are some of our policies and procedures that are of utmost importance. If you have any questions, or are not sure about something, please do not hesitate to send us an email with any questions you may have regarding your order. 

  • We are a Catering Business. Unfortunately, we are not a bakery. There is quite a bit of confusion of what deems a catering business as a opposed to a bakery. I hope this helps a little :)
    • Catering Business: Orders must be placed in advance for any purpose you may need such as: birthdays, holidays, baby & wedding showers, even just because!
    • Bakery Business: Has product already made in cases for purchase on the days they are open. 
    • P.S. When Irwin has an event in town (ex. Light up night) and Flawlessly Fit is open or if you go to The Green Berry in Irwin, you will find goodies available. 
  • We have the right to refuse any guest who is in fact disrespectful and rude to any of the staff at Flawlessly Fit Catering Co. We are people too and 10,000,000% believe in kindness and understanding being of most importance in customer service.

  • ALL ORDERS need to be made in advance. A 48-hour notice (4 days) is the minimum notice we can give for the order to be placed. 
    • Example: If you need a dozen cupcakes for this coming Saturday and it's Monday, we will absolutely be able to make the cupcakes in time for your Saturday order. But if it is already Thursday, we will not be able to create your order in time. As there are other orders that need to be filled as well. 
  • Any orders over $200 must be paid in advance. This is pretty standard, and fair as well. 
  • Any orders that must be cancelled need to be at least 4 days before the pick up date. This is so that we can refrain from any food loss.
    • Example: If you need to cancel and your order is for this Saturday- Please cancel the order by Wednesday morning (4 days)!