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Pastry and Culinary Chef of 15 years

​Vanessa Bante

Creative Owner & Vintage Lover & Cookbook Writer

Our Story

This dessert catering company was created for people like myself that are cautious of what we put into our bodies. Many desserts found in bakeries, as well as grocery stores, contain heavy amounts of pure sugar, gluten products, dairy, and unhealthy fats. Eww!

I wanted to create delicious recipes that tasted fabulous and didn't make you feel as though you couldn't enjoy them. I got tired of worrying about how I would feel the next day and only allowing myself a "sliver" of something. These desserts are made with healthy ingredients for those that are under strict medical diets and for those that are health cautious. 

At many family and work functions, I have felt left out in joining the desserts festivities. I had started making my own desserts and bringing them to these functions so that I could partake in the festivities. Word started to spread among the family and I eventually started making healthy desserts to bring along for everyone. 

It was very satisfying to see that I wasn't the only one that was missing out and that the desserts were a HUGE hit! This made me realize I needed to go one step further and create these desserts for others like myself that want to be able to enjoy a dessert and not have to worry about how it may affect them later. Just....enjoy sweets again!

Fire Pit Cooking Cookbook 2016

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