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Flawlessly Fit ​Desserts

Catering Co. 

Amid the coronavirus pandemic we at “Flawlessly Fit Catering Co.” understand the severity of cleanliness at all times. Being a germaphobe myself (with serious OCD issues), I understand the importance of good hygiene and a sanitary workspace. We are continuing to take the proper measures to keep a clean and sanitary place of work for our customers and employees. Heavy prayers go out to everyone and their loved ones during this surreal and serious time. We continue to keep faith strong and our vibes positive for a quick and vibrant recovery of our community.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Fearless. You are never alone.       Joshua 1:9

NEW-Brunch Box

Your Co-Workers will LOVE this box of treats! A variety of muffins, scones and favorite cookies that are features of the season! Great for birthdays, promotions and other celebrations!

All Paleo! Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free

Each box varies in price

Small Boxes $45.00 Large Boxes (the photo) $70

At Flawlessly Fit Catering Co., we decorate our celebration cakes with fresh flowers that either we provide or you yourself provide. We also use fresh seasonal fruits, herbs, and nuts as well as vegan and dye-free sprinkles. 

To order a special cake please click on the link to fill out the form.

Special Cake Form

NEW - Brunch & Lunch Event Menu

New menu featuring healthier brunch & lunch options for your next event. Items like frittatas with vegetables, homemade seasonal granola, vegetable roll-ups and homemade bagels with prosciutto and dairy free cream cheese. 


For finding out why we started this catering company and how it happened.


For all the delicious healthy desserts and how to order them. 

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Policies & Procedures

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